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….Now what?

The time has come to make your voice heard for quite possibly one of the largest updates to date for Tellor: Tellor X. However, due to the decentralized nature of Tellor, the upgrade won’t be able to go through unless the community votes in favor for the upgrade.

Let the…

A new oracle design, decentralized governance and treasury features adds even more robustness to Tellor.

The Tellor team is excited to announce the release of the next generation in oracle design.

After almost a year of planning, designing and building what has been nicknamed TellorX, we’re ready to launch the vote for community approval.

The vote to upgrade Tellor will start on Tuesday November 23rd…


  • No ICO or Pre-mine
  • Fair Distribution
  • Permissionless Nodes
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Transparency

From inception Tellor has prioritized being as decentralized as possible. But this concept of “decentralization” is pretty broad, and using the term as a slogan holds little weight without providing specific details. This blog post aims to concisely provide…

Hi Tellor Community, hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are! Over the past quarter the Tellor team has been busy at work completing major initiatives including being listed on two major exchanges and releasing the whitepaper on the game-changing updates to our oracle, nicknamed TellorX.

The Next Gen Oracle Announced

The biggest news…

This week we deployed a small but important update to the Tellor contracts and we’d like to highlight the key points for you here.

First, a bit of technical context about Tellor’s smart contract structure: Tellor uses proxy contracts and delegate calls. What this means is that we have a…

We are excited to announce that starting Wednesday May 5, users can transfer Tellor Tributes, TRB, into Coinbase Pro accounts ahead of trading. Support for TRB will be available in all Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions. Trading will begin on or after 9AM Pacific Time (PT) Thursday May 6, if liquidity conditions are met.

TRB-USD and TRB-BTC trading pairs will be supported.

For more information please check official announcements from Coinbase:

Legal Disclosure: from time to time we will engage in transactions of our own tokens for operational costs.

Tellor Core

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